Introducing Chiral Protocol

Chiral Protocol
5 min readMar 7, 2021


An advanced elastic supply rebase token with a deflationary mechanism

What is Chiral Protocol (CPF)?

Chiral Protocol is an advanced elastic supply rebase token with a deflationary mechanism, Chiral Protocol is redesigned to solve market manipulation by combining revolutionary token economics and features with the best and latest decentralized finance (DeFi) technology to maximize the potential for investors. This means that the total supply of Chiral Protocol is constantly changing. Chiral Protocol reaches a supply-to-price equilibrium with its randomized rebasing system.
CPF applies a 4% tax on every sell transaction. The fees are distributed among holders, sent to liquidity providers, and sent to burn addresses.

Key Features:

“Rebase token”

CPF has been designed with a completely randomized rebase function. This means that no one can preemptively manipulate the price, the supply of CPF will increase and everyone will automatically receive additional CPF tokens into their wallet.

“Daily transactionless inflation”

Every day at 20:00 UTC, the contract automatically increases the balance of each holder without the need for a single transaction. For the first week, the holders will get every day 1% more tokens. After that, for 1 week it will be 0.45% per day. After that period — 0.2% every day, for a lifetime.

“Frictionless smart yield generation”

A portion of every transaction is instantly distributed among holders.

“Automated distribution of rewards to liquidity provider”

A portion of every transaction is automatically distributed to the liquidity providers.

“Automated liquidity generation”

A portion of every transaction is permanently locked into liquidity through the smart contract.

“Supermassive Black Hole”

Publicly viewable burn address that accrues CPF through several mechanisms, scaling exponentially overtime to provide incredibly powerful deflationary effects.

Why Chiral Protocol?

Chiral Protocol

1. CPF has a revolutionary adaptable ability to peg to any asset, calculated metric, or asset class. Chiral Protocol is pegged to Ethereum for its importance in DeFi and ease of understanding.

2. CPF is pegged to the price of Ethereum with the baseline rate of 0.005 ETH. If ETH is $1600, then the baseline is set to $8 (0.005 X $1600). Every day at a random time, CPF’s smart contract checks the price of CPF against the price of 0.005 ETH.

3. If CPF is above the peg price of 0.005 baseline, that is considered a positive rebase, and you get more CPF tokens automatically distributed into your wallet. There are no negative rebases in CPF’s smart contract. If CPF’s price happens to be below the price of 0.005 ETH, then nothing happens. No one loses tokens.

4. Other rebase projects developed their token to follow a strict schedule with their rebase event, taking place at the same time every single day. Whales and bots can now abuse this piece of information. Their token experienced massive pumps and dumps around rebase time, creating a very unprofitable and monopolized environment for the majority. Chiral Protocol has been designed with a completely randomized rebase function. This means that no one can preemptively manipulate the price.
5. Initial rebase lag of 10. This means that if the price of CPF at the time of rebasing is 100% over the target price, we will receive a rebase for 10% (100% divided by 10).

6. Random Rebasing is triggered automatically through a private web3 controller protected by the CPF team’s private key. The trigger for rebasing was generated based on a probability/cumulative distribution function with the 24-hour parameter programmed in the back-end code, reducing code visibility for those attempting to predict the rebase times.

7. No need to send your LP tokens to a separate staking contract, simply hold your LP tokens in your wallet and watch as their value increase over time.

8. Fee generation AND distribution are baked into the core smart contract; the security risk is greatly reduced. No external contract or interface needs to be interacted with in any way.

9. CPF works by applying a percentage fee to each transaction and distributing a portion of the fee among all holders, it reflects automatically in your wallet you do not need to click any button.

Token Distribution:

Initial total supply — 50,000 CPF

CPF Tokenomics

Presale — 19,200 CPF
Initial Pancakeswap Liquidity — 16,320 CPF (85% of funds raised during the presale, liquidity locked for 12 months using the CryptEx platform)
Development — 6,000 CPF (70% locked for 9 months)
Marketing and Auditing — 4,000 CPF
Reserve (Partnership) — 4,480 CPF

Presale Information:

You must complete all tasks on the whitelist registration form to be accepted into the whitelist! The team will be reviewing every application to validate. The whitelist will close once 500 BNB has been pledged.

Make sure to register for the whitelist to guarantee an allocation in the presale! A public presale will not occur if all 500 BNB is pledged, and all whitelisted wallets contribute their pledged amounts.

Soft Cap = 350 BNB
Hard Cap = 500 BNB
Presale = 1BNB = 32 CPF
Listing = 1BNB = 28 CPF
Minimum pledge = 1 BNB, Maximum pledge = 10 BNB

Presale will take place across 2 rounds starting on March 13th, 2021 15:00 UTC, with the first round dedicated to those on the whitelist.

Round 1 (15:00 UTC — 16:00 UTC) — Whitelisted wallets only.

Whitelisted wallets will have 1 hour starting on March 13th, 2021 15:00 UTC to send in their pledges. Once the contribution period ends, transactions and wallets will be validated to ensure wallet addresses and contributed amount matches the whitelist. Any unclaimed CPF from the whitelist will then be available in a first come first served public presale.

Round 2 (16:00 UTC — 17:00 UTC) — Public presale.

Any unclaimed CPF from the whitelist allocations will be made available to a public presale on a first-come-first-served-basis.
Any unsold and reserve CPF tokens will be burnt immediately after the presale is over.

Launch Details:

CPF will launch on PancakeSwap and trading will be enabled immediately after the presale is over.
Tokens will be distributed immediately after the presale ends.

Listing and immediate locking of liquidity would be upon launch.

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